What Is Anerki?

Anerki Arts brings together artists involved in music, spoken word, poetry, rap, beat-boxing, singing, dance/movement, film, print, photography, textiles, paint/visual art, sculpture, digital art, acting, comedy and food art.
We’re a culturally, linguistically and socially diverse group of human beings with deep histories and compelling stories to share with the world. We come together to cultivate gratitude and respect for humanity and the interconnection of all things.

We believe art has the power to heal and enable lasting-positive change amongst individuals, communities and societies.
We’re passionate about telling our stories, exploring different methods of expression and providing interactions, events, workshops and classes that leave a deep impact. We understand the intimate relationship between artist and audience and that freedom of expression brings about self-empowerment.

It all began in September 2011 as a one-off multidisciplinary performance event and from September 2015 established itself as a monthly showcasing event for artists of all types to perform, improvise, collaborate, get support and indulge in catharsis. It’s a grass-roots movement that has impacted many, fulfilling the need for a regular platform and serving as a community hub, which honours all the different art forms.

Occurring as it does in Leicester, a plethora of nationalities, cultures and languages are represented. It places no restrictions on the performer and boundaries between disciplines need not be observed. It is a format where new experimental ideas can be presented to an open minded, multicultural audience without fear of ‘failure’, while fostering a nurturing and compassionate and lively environment.

That’s all. Hope you enjoy. Please help spread the word. And may it long continue.