Anerki Arts Zine

Welcome to issue 03 the Anerki Arts Zine, re-launched after two long years! It’s a 52-page, A5 full-colour booklet with a print run of 200, individually numbered by hand. It is also published online, available to everyone around the globe. The zine is a collection of illustrations, cartoons, paintings and other visual art. It also includes spoken word/poetry, short stories, rants, song/rap lyrics and music.

We are on the lookout for artists to forward submissions for future editions. If you’re interested, send us an email at: Please enusre any visual artwork is either scanned in or properly photographed at a high resolution and is well lit. Please also include your full name, artist name, current city, a short bio, the name of the piece and any social media/web links to promote your artist profile.

Scan in the QR code using a smartphone to watch or listen to the piece! Alternatively, type in the shortened link underneath the QR code into a web browser. If you’re viewing this online then you can click/tap on it.

We hope to be able to print a new issue every 2-3 months if we receive enough support and manage to cover the costs involved through sales and donations.